I took this little test yesterday – it helps you pick a presidential candidate based solely on the issues. It’s fun, but also a little like the girl who says she doesn’t care if the guy is cute, as long as he makes her laugh, until she dates a homely funny guy and then decides she actually kind of cares about the cute. Yeah, it’s a little like that. Anyway – check it out here. (It’s worth it, just to see the faces pop up in the windows!)

And a loving piece of advice: this test is built on your opinions about some very important issues. If you don’t have an opinion yet…get one! Do some homework! Read Real Clear Politics or Citizen Link (from Focus on the Family and it contains fascinating stuff!) or anything else you can beg, borrow or Google so you are educated on the issues your country is facing.

Let me know how it turns out – or at least let me know if you’re surprised at how it turned out! (I was surprised at my result…probably because I will usually pick the best communicator as my favorite, even if the best communicator is not actually the best…um…person. This time, for my kids’ sake, I want the best person.)


  1. McCain and I disagreed on three issues…but the little machine put him as my first pick. Although I don’t want to vote for him. I think Obama will murder him in the debates. My first pick for 08 President would be Condi Rice…
    So we might move to mexico and help Seth get a sun tan!

  2. Yeah…I would agree that the choices are not very appealing. But the three words that ring in the back of my head as I consider the November election: Supreme Court Justices. That makes the choice pretty clear for me. Hey – maybe Condi can be one of those! She could rock the robe!

  3. That was so great! Although i am not totally sure i want to vote for who it said i should vote for; McCain. But i didn’t like some of the options they gave me so i had to pick the closest to what i would say…. hmmm….

    oh and i’m with Caleb and Ashley… Condi has always been my pick… why isn’t she running??? She could however totally rock the robe… so we’ll see…. i also like the “moving to mexico” line… witty my friends witty!

  4. I clicked on your blog from work of heart blog roll. I just want to say I really enjoy your posts and I’m glad you talk about politics. I am a political junky and love watching foxnews and msnbc.

    I look forward to more reading!

  5. Caffeevino – thanks for the comment! I’ve had fun writing in these “small pieces” for the past few weeks…and junky to junky: is this not the STRANGEST primary season ever? Who would have thought the democratic nomination would still be uncertain at this stage of the game? Crazy – but I like it!

  6. Somehow all of my “top picks” were Democrats (Freaking Hillary was #2) and I think this is mostly funny because I am not even a little democratic in my opinions – especially on the financial/public issues.
    Interesting.. i think there might have been a glitch.
    When the #2 is the “I’d rather move to Canada” choice there’s a problem