So, maybe it’s the crazy schedule we’ve had lately, maybe it’s the fact that my beloved has been gone for a couple of days, or maybe it’s just that working with young adults has made my sense of humor dark and twisted, but these Caring for Babies instructional posters triggered the laughing/crying emotion that I hate and fear. In retrospect, I suppose the teething tennis shoe was a bad idea and I should apologize to my kids.


  1. wow… that was way funny…. my little siblings enjoyed it also….

  2. Thanks Bo…

    Courtney and I have now digested our pizza from that belly laugh!

  3. Cassie- I think your family could make some great educational posters of their own! Am I right when I say that you’re now at 13 kids? Seems like a really big number, but all 3 D kids that I have met have been so overwhelmingly wonderful, that I think your mom and dad should go for an even 20. Please pass along my good idea to them. 🙂

    Helen & Courtney: glad I could help. Steve’s been away for a bit and I was missing him and sad and morose and all other words that mean exactly that same thing, and I didn’t want to post anything deep today. I think I managed to avoid deep quite nicely!

  4. 13 is correct! That is a big number… yikes! I will pass along the idea. My mom has actually been writing a book… called “How to earn a P.H.D in Motherhood.” I’ll make sure and get you a copy when it hits the market!

    If i see you in the AM at church i will make sure you get to meet the 4 youngest (biological) ones that are staying with me!