A couple of people have asked about what I’m reading right now and so I’m answering that question because I’m super nice that way. These are in no particular order, but I am a pretty intentional reader so while they may look totally random, they’re all important for something I’m figuring out or working on or working through in my equally unorganized and overflowing head.

Woman in Charge: the Biography of Hilary Clinton by Carl Bernstein. I bought this book in July, when it looked for all the world like she was going to be our next president and I was hoping to find some truly unbiased information that would ease my troubled mind. My conclusion: I’ve rarely seen a life that has so much, that I envy so little (by contrast, see my post on Anna.)

Beloved Disciple by Beth Moore. A study on the amazing life of the apostle John. I got this on the $1 shelf at church and it was quite a brilliant investment.

My Single Mom Life, by Angela Thomas. I’m reading this for a Parenting conference I’m planning and I love it! Thomas manages to be really honest without veering down the slippery slope of self-pity and I think that’s quite a triumph.

What I Saw at the Revolution, by Peggy Noonan. How much do I love the ever-controversial Noonan? SO much! While not quite as steeped in Republicanism as she is, I love the way she uses words. This book is her take on one of the great political eras: the Reagan years. Interesting aside: I bought this book for .01 at Half. I’ve gotten SO many books this way and I’ve never been disappointed.

When God’s People Pray by Jim Cymbala. This is actually a book & six-session DVD study that I’m doing at my leisure and it’s terrifically good. My favorite quote so far: “anything God can do, prayer can do.” Let that sink in for a minute and then get off the internet and go stinkin’ pray something!

Women in Leadership Ministry by Dr. Jack Hayford. Great book, but – as with all Hayford books – I recommend keeping a dictionary at-the-ready. For those looking for a Biblical foundation for gender equality in ministry, this is the ticket. For those looking for women to be quiet, this is going to be mostly annoying. Continuing with the theme of “Bo is cheap”, this little book can be obtained for a mere 3 bucks at www.foursquaremedia.org, or you can borrow mine when I’m done for FREE!

Wow – now that I started the list, I’m embarrassed at how many more there are that I don’t want to take time to include. I should start fewer books so I can actually finish them! I hesitate to ask, because I’ll probably go buy them and then get distracted from finishing these…but what are YOU reading?


  1. Thanks Bo…
    I love to know what people are reading…mostly because I am nosy…but it is always great to get a free critique…

    I love Angela Thomas…I have read two of her books…A Beautiful Offering and When Wallflowers Dance…who knows if I read them today would they have the same punch but they were both my heart’s cry at that time.

    I would love to read or do the study on the Beloved Disciple…I love what she writes and teaches…I am starting Stepping Up with a friend this week…it is on the psalms of ascent…I am looking forward to it…I took my time…probably 6 months and did the Tabernacle study…so wonderful.

    I hate to say that I just carried down a large stack of books that I cleared off my bookshelf in my bedroom, my floor, my night table and a few other places…our dog Hazel is so thankful to have some floor space again…most of them had not been finished and some not even started…so I am waiting for what I should pick up again…but you can always find that list of stacks in The Library at my place…

    Have a blessed week and I hope Steve is home by now!


  2. Oh…the Psalms of Ascent…such beautiful, deep waters. I love Eugene Peterson’s commentary on them (Long Obedience in the Same Direction…was that the name? I think it changed titles along the way).

    Steve IS home and I – much like Hazel – am a happy, happy girl! I’m gonna check out your library!

  3. Oh yes…another book that I have really wanted to read for eons…maybe that would be good when I finish the study…the list goes on and on and on…

  4. Ok here we go…

    The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I love him so much – he’s just such a balanced and wise guy – and a martyr! Though I haven’t gotten very far in this book, I have learned how to spell his name! 🙂

    The Complete Works of Prayer by E.M. Bounds…need I say more? I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading this over and over and over again until the day I die.

    Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordiero. I love this book that is refreshing my love for the Word!

    The Shack by William Young. Talk about a book that is turning my world upside down. I’ve learned I can’t read this book in public anymore because I cry too much!

    Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzaro. Yet another book I will be reading until the day I die…

    The Message Conversations. Okay, so it’s my Bible, but I love love love it!!!!

    So…I’m really bad at finishing books. That’s my story…

  5. My turn to admit to also starting a billion books, some of which even before I got married, took on the two week honeymoon and still have not finished…

    The Seven Declarations of an Unshakable Life by Frank Damazio…It’s a great book with a million different nuggets. I don’t so much care for his writing style but truth is truth is truth.

    Secure in the Everlasting Arms by Elisabeth Elliot…I LOVE Elisabeth Elliot and sometimes I want to be her. This book reads more like a devotional so I don’t mind only picking it up every now and then. I think I would be overloaded if I read it all at once!

    Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas…He is revolutionizing the way I view marriage, and conviction comes every time I read. Maybe that’s why it’s taking me so long : )

    And finally – No Greater Love by Mother Teresa…When I read her I feel like my grandma is talking to me.

    There you go!

  6. Three things:
    Helen: not to feed your book addiction, but “Long Obedience” is at half.com for three little dollars…such a bargain!

    Katie: your book list looks exactly like mine! No wonder we work together so well!

    Lindsay: I taught a class built on Unshakable LIfe this year and I totally agree with your critique. Also, I read a little of No Greater Love every morning because I also can’t quite absorb more than that at once but I just love it.

  7. Jessica Carpenter

    A Grief Observed by C.S.Lewis- Its intensely sad, in the eventually uplifting way… and short… so maybe you’ll finish it??

    Serve God, Save the Planet- It’s good… but I’ll never finish it until this semester of a million reading assignments is over!

    Le Petite Prince- In an desperate attempt to not lose all the french I learned… and on the plus side, you’re at no risk of being tempted into reading it since it’s the wrong language (unless tu parle francais?)

    Mountains of psychology articles, case reports, study write ups… Mountains. Try not to be too envious.

    Just finished Mere Christianity and Surprised by Joy, loved them both!

    Thanks for your blog comment Bo, I appreciate it SO much! I’m a total information super highway nerd who gets legitimately excited that you even read it 🙂

  8. Oh…I think I need to fast from buying books for awhile…but I will definitely check out half.com…I was excited because I found the book from my quote last week for 1.99 just waiting to get it…nothing excites me like mail and mail that comes in book form…yippee…
    How I love reading what others are reading…it reminds me of past loves and the promise of the future…

  9. Hi Bo,
    I just found you! How fun to read your words, you write like you speak-fabulously full of life!
    I have to share what I am reading, often I read at least 2 books at a time and more often have multiple backups to begin immediately after puttin one down!

    Breakthrough Prayer by Jim Cymbala, full of testimonies of the power of prayer! It echoes my heart about holding onto God’s word with the promise that a day will come when you see the fulfillment of it!

    Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna
    How to raise Spiritual Champions! I actually just finished this one. A must read for any parent pressing toward raising kids that don’t give into the world’s views but resolving to lead them into life-changing TRUTH!

    Boundaries with Kids by Cloud/Townsend
    I went to the boundaries simulcast and realized I’m really good with other people but my kids often cross them, I’m a softy and tend to be a pushover, I needed to sharpen my skills. It is helping!

    Nurutre by Lisa Bevere
    Give and get what you need to flourish. I just love Lisa Bevere. We are going to do a women’s book club group in May with this book so I’m getting a head start! Are we far to busy surviving to make the time to assure that tender lives surrounding us thrive?

    Thats it for now, I could spend another 3-4 paragraphs telling you what I plan to read but I’ll save that for another time! God bless you!

  10. Tracy – I loved your list! I know how books just multiply. I’ve recently been trying to NOT accumulate anything new til I make some progress on my stack of unfinished stuff…but new ones are SO tempting! Hey, also: I’m gonna shoot you an email this week because I want to talk to you about Parent University. 🙂

  11. Yes I need it, Parent University, that is…I’m sure I would study hard but the lab is always so challenging…