Yesterday was a hard day.  In fact, this week will not be making it into the Great Week Hall of Fame  any time soon.   It’s not that specifically bad things happened.  No flat tires, no stomach flu, no nuclear strike.  This was just a week when the battle made me weary on so different many levels.

Yesterday, I was in a particular funk.   I’m sure you’re familiar with days like that.  Days where nothing is really wrong but nothing can possibly go right either.  Days that are bulky and cumbersome – just sort of awkwardly built, you know?  That was my yesterday.

But God knows funk, He surely does.  And He knows how to find us behind all those burdens.  He came for me yesterday and not in a fire or an earthquake or a whirlwind.  He came to me through people.  Random emails, visits and phone calls were life to me as each dear treasure said something different  – but something exactly right.  Each one, I”m convinced,  spoke exactly the words He would speak.

And then there was my friend, Cheryl, who works with me and stopped by my office with the happiest bouquet of yellow tulips I have ever seen.  She put them on my desk and said, “Jesus told me you needed these.”    I promise you, it was Jesus.  I did need a bouquet of happy but I never would have told anyone.   I keep looking at my tulips and thinking how much Jesus must love me to interrupt Cheryl’s busy day and send her out for flowers.  And how awesome is it that Cheryl loves Jesus so much that she hears Him in the middle of her busy day and then actually does what He tells her to do?

Oh friend, whatever you face today, please know how deeply He loves and cares for you.  Look for Him in the faces of those who offer kindness and look for Him in the face in the mirror.  I think that on any given day, we all need to see Him and we all need to be Him to our hurting world.

Thank You, friends o’ Bo, for looking so much like God.


  1. Oh Bo, what a wonderful reminder! I someday would love to meet your friend, Cheryl. She is my kind of friend, and I am so thankful to Jesus for sending her to you with a beautiful bouquet of happy!

  2. Oh Bo…This is lovely. Your heart inspires me, and I especially love that you share how real you are with all of us. I pray today is filled with joy, and that your tulips will remind you of His love and scrupulous plans for your precious life.
    In Him,

  3. I just love Him so much. He is so very kind in so many of just the right ways.


  5. Heather Hiatt Sutter

    Thanks for being open and honest and sharing how God found you yesterday. =) I had a day like that the other day, and it’s often tempting to think that no one else has funky days. Grateful for a loving, searching God. And family/people around who show it.

  6. Isn’t God awesome! A great reminder that we are to be Him in this world. Praying for you and Steve and family.

  7. Twice I almost posted something on your FB but the right words just didn’t come!! Just know that I was praying for you ALL DAY and couldn’t get you off my mind! God is working something AWESOME in you AND Steve.

  8. Sometimes, my funk is in just not being KNOWN by enough “Cheryls”, if any…. And then He reminds me that I really only have to be known by HIM. And that He’s capable and willing to take care of the funk all by Himself — with a beautiful sunrise, a stunning sunset, a child’s smile or the frenetic antics of a darting swallow that shows me there can be beauty in a life that might otherwise appear out of control. Thank you for sharing Life with us in your words.

  9. Thank you, sweet ladies. Your words are life to me today.

    Jane – I totally agree with your comment and have definitely been in that place myself at times. I read this morning in I Samuel how David “strengthened himself in the Lord” and was reminded again that sometimes I have to recognize the encouragement He sends in exactly the ways you listed. Much love to you, my as-yet-unmet friend.