This weekend, my husband and son had a really big dinner together.  It was a truth-telling, love-sharing, tear-shedding time between father and son and I am glad I wasn’t there because I think women tend to mess up those moments with too much “fixing”.  Men say what needs to be said and then they’re done and fine.  That’s what happened with my men.  They said deep words and then made some fun plans and then they ate a lot of bread sticks.


While they were gone, I was a mess.  I wrung my hands and paced the floor and texted Steve asking him to let me know the minute he knew our boy was going to be okay.  Isn’t that funny?  I mean, really, after all that God has done and brought us through in the past few months, why would I think that Josiah’s “okayness” was in any way up in the air?


The God of Abraham.

The God of Isaac.

The God of Steve.

The God of Josiah.


That very God lives and moves and loves His own.  Josiah Stern is His workmanship, created for good works and big plans and a beautiful future.  And so I keep reminding myself that the God of Bo is also the God of Joe.  He is more than enough for all the days and dinners to come.



  1. Has anyone told you what a blessing it is to be able to ‘share’ in this life journey of yours? (Ha… who HASN’T!) … but are you listening? Especially for someone like me that doesn’t even know you, you’ve touched me in ways that only the Holy Spirit can. Transparency unique quality is that it can be shined through. Thank you for showing us that walking with Jesus is as authentic as it comes.

  2. Okay – now today’s post made me cry big crocodile tears…….isn’t it soooo true how we can relax in God for our OWN trial, but just can’t let go of those kids? Why can’t we believe that He is THEIR God and will take care of them. Thanks for sharing – puts me in MY place……under God, trusting Him completely, EVEN for my kids 🙂

  3. Thank you Bo. How God has blessed us to put you and your family in our lives so we can see his mighty love at work. I love the way he shows himself and he truly shines in your lives. God bless your family today.

  4. There’s nothing more profoundly gratifying than watching your God become your child’s God. His grace is sufficient, His love never failing, His mercies always new. Josiah serves a good God.

  5. God has some incredible plans for that precious boy O’ yours dear friend. It was my delight to get to hang with Josiah this past week. I stand in agreement that our God is indeed big enough to cover every aspect of that exceptionally crafted boy. Love you all so much.