Recently, I wrote about Steve & Josiah’s dinner, and I mentioned that they made some plans.  Steve is working on making these plans with each of our kids.  He is asking them, “What would you really love for us  to do together?”


Now,  their dreams aren’t mine to share,  but I will say:  they surprised us.   You know why we’re surprised?  Because we’ve never asked them this question before.  And the reason for that is because…we had all the time in the world.  And while time was passing, so were the secret dreams in their hearts.


So, we’re on track now for prioritizing and accomplishing the stuff that our kids will remember and tell their kids about.  I wish we had done this sooner, but we didn’t and that’s okay because it’s not too late.


Just for the fun of it, maybe you would want to have a dinner all alone with one of your kids or grandkids and ask them the question, “If you knew that we only had a year or so to do something really special together – take a trip, go to a game, climb a mountain – what is the one thing you would really want to do?”  Use our story if you want to, so they don’t worry that you’re hiding a secret diagnosis.


And then maybe – just for the fun of it – you could save some money or some vacation time or whatever is necessary to make that dream come true.  I bet your kids would remember it for the rest of their lives.  I bet you would too.  No pressure, it’s just a thought from my side of the life landscape.


Sometimes, I’m discovering, we get the least amount of living done when we think we have all the time in the world.


The end.



  1. Bo, You guys are going where none of us have gone before – where most people never go. Thanks for marking the pathway with very clear signposts.

  2. Thank you Bo .

  3. Your lives are an open book for where our priorities should all be. Thank you for sharing your story with us and taking the time to turn each page and allowing it to speak truth and treasures into a whole lot of people.
    Always praying,

  4. i love the idea.. and I will certainly put it to use.. I love making memories with my family…

  5. Thanks Bo, I love you!

  6. Bo, you are such an amazing woman and an example to us all. Thank you for all that you do and sharing your journey as you remind us of what is truly important.

  7. I got lost in the wilderness once. No signs. No trail. No map. And I remember hoping like crazy I’d see one of those stone trailmarkers (cairns) that hikers sometimes make to help those lost, like me. Found one. Found another. Found the way home. Thank you for your ‘cairn’, Bo. (Hmmm… Maybe it got that name from shortening the word ‘caring’)

  8. Hi Bo,
    Those are wise and thoughtful words. My son will be graduating from high school this year and my daughter is already a freshman! My husband and I are about the same age as you two are, and your struggle is truly a wake up call! Thanks for proving, “That his strength is made perfect in our weakness!”
    Colleen Dod

  9. I shared this with my kids today — and have been crying off and on all morning. We do need to treasure every day as a gift. We love you guys so much.

  10. Steve,
    I was unaware of your situation until tonight when Mary filled me in. I want to tell you that on a human level – I’m so very sorry for this trial. I hate it! On spiritual level, as one who knows that God is at work, I simply bow down and ask Him to empower you with more! I hardly know you, but what I do know of you and your wife and your daughter has been nothing but a blessing. Many use that word almost without thought – but what I mean is this. Every encounter with with you and your family pointed me toward Jesus Christ. And that is a blessing! Praying for you this day. Write me any time. I’m honored to know you and yours. Deeply, Kelly Talamo