So, I started out my birthday by having breakfast with Tess.  And it went like this:

It’s name is the Breakfast BLT from Jackson’s Corner.  All you really need to know about this beauty is:  it oozes.  In a good way.  Yum.

Then, one day before my birthday brought these guys:

I know.  Chocolate AND affirmation – how lucky am I?  Thank you, Sue and Jerry!

So, at one point I may have mentioned my current cupcake obsession.  Fortunately, people really listen to the important things I say.  Yay!


Oh, Ida’s.  Ida’s red velvet.  Ida’s red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  The success of my 46th year is all but assured.

Next up?  Birthday coffee with my friends at Starbucks.  And look what my friend, Joan, brought:


Um…a cake made of TWINKIES?  Be still my heart.  But not permanently…so I’m going easy on all these treats.  In fact, if you find yourself with a sweet tooth, swing by my house and I will hook you up!

Thanks, friends, for a truly sweet birthday!



  1. Although the twinkie bday cake looks VERY delicious, I think my vote would go for the Breakfast BLT! Looks like you sweetly celebrated your birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!