You know what you guys?  I forgot some things before I went on this trip to Orlando.  They are…

I forgot how much I love Seussland at Universal.   It’s bright and happy and you just can’t feel morose there.  If there were rules in Seussland then feeling morose would be against them.

On the flipside, I forgot how scary  Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey is.  I closed my eyes a lot.  This photo is before the ride…during the 45 minute wait in line. But it looks scary, huh?

I forgot how much I love having dinner with old friends.  This is Bob and his lovely lady, Debbie.  Bob and Steve have been friends since Jr. High.    My son, Josiah, is 12 and I sure hope that in 38 years he’s still meeting his friends, Levi and Ethan and Kincade for dinner.  That’s good friendship.


Also,  I love, love, love having my whole family together under one roof – but I forgot how much I love having extended time with just one kid.  It’s such a gift.

And I love seeing that kid loving time with her dad.

…and also with ice cream.

And one more thing:   as I was looking through these pictures from yesterday,  I saw one and I had this dusty recollection of a feeling that I haven’t entirely forgotten, but it has gotten a little faded over the past year.

Sometimes you don’t even realize that things are missing in your life

until they come back to you

and it’s like a raincloud breaks and you feel the drops and you want to dance around in it because the ground has been dry for too long.

That’s how I felt when I saw this and remembered that maybe I had forgotten…

to remember to laugh

freely.  Because life is meant to be lived and loved and laughed at.




  1. Susan from Nebraska

    I think YOU needed this trip Bo!!! And BTW your husband is looking pretty good. Also, I just love Tori’s smile. She makes you want to be happy just looking at her.
    Enjoy every moment!

  2. What a fun time for you guys! I can’t help but smile through the tears as I look at these photos. I love this family so dearly. Always have, always will. I do not get to see you often enough, AT ALL! But I hold you guys in my heart so deep and I think and pray for you often! I love you Bo and I am so glad for all the time you are getting as a family 🙂

  3. I think your the best wife Steve could have. You are great person and God love you and your family. Have all the fun you want in life. That is way God love is for ever. Love Sister Robin Slatter from Westside Church in Bend. Kiss and hugs to all.

  4. Happy tears at this post today reading once again about the deep working of the Lord in your life. When you put words to the journey, they hold real power and effective medicine for others. And yes, laughter is one important part of healing balm 🙂
    This last wonderful picture of you and Tori leaves me smiling, ready for some laughter today too!
    Love. Love. Love…

  5. Oh, just too beautiful, Bo. Thank-you, sister!