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Well, goodness,  it seems that summer just rolled right in and took over our lives!  I’m not arguing, though, I love summer and I’m excited about all that’s  up ahead.  I’m taking a lot of time off of speaking so I can focus on my family and writing a new Bible study as well as some other fun projects-with-words  (you’ll be the first to know!  Promise!)   However, if you live near Bend, I will be speaking twice here in town this summer: July 15 @ Antioch Church and August 4-5 @ Westside.


Tomorrow I leave for a super quick trip to Colorado for some meetings at Navpress.  NavPress is publishing my first book (Beautiful Battlefields) which will be released in February. I’ve completed all the revisions on the book with my fantastic editor, Liz Heaney, and now it’s in the final line-edit stage (I even got to see the cover a few weeks ago and:  I may or may not have cried tears of joy.)  I am excited to visit, but feeling a little apprehensive about leaving Steve right now so I’d just love extra prayer support if you’ve got a little to throw my way.


Some other things on my to-do list this summer:


  • Entertain lots of family and friends who are coming to spend time with my sweetheart and me.
  • See the movie, Brave.  Can’t wait!
  • Bake some key lime cupcakes. Yum.
  • Dominate the River Trail (without losing my keys which is a long and tragic story.)
  • Obtain banana leaves for the purpose of cooking fish over an open fire for family dinner.
  • Spend a lot of time on the deck with my Kindle and a watermelony drink in hand.
  • Blog a little – but maybe not a lot.  Blogging is only fun when it’s fun, you know?  We’ll see.


So, just two days into this lovely summer, I’m feeling….ready.  And having been fairly resistant to the changing of seasons over the past 18 months, “ready” is quite miraculous.  I’ll take it.


That’s me.  What’s on your list this summer?






  1. Wishing I had a summer bucket list and envious of others…
    Me working full time, and Paul gone most of the time, and my precious Parker spending most of his summer in his bedroom playing xbox.. Yep, hearts just a little sad… praying for just a little something this summer that could be a memory maker…
    Time is slipping away with that young man…

  2. I hope you add to your list – coming out to the Metolius with Jill to see me and walk the trail there and have tea.
    My list includes:
    Setting up my camp at Lower Bridge complete with a flower garden.
    The camp fire – oh, how I enjoy the camp fire.
    Making new friends and seeing some old friends
    Hiking the trail from Lower Bridge to the Fish Hatchery and back – 6 miles.
    Attending the Chapel in the Pines church, possibly coming into town to hear Bo on the 5th.
    Having a great summer in the woods, beside the river, with the Lord and what He has created – there – and in me.

  3. I plan to put my “too expensive” kayak to good use! I found I enjoy it and want to get my money’s worth. Although being out on the lake with my hubby for just one day makes it worth it right there.
    ~Catch up with friends
    ~And continue the exhausting task of finding a job.
    Tony and I will be sending prayers your way for your Colorado trip. 🙂