Okay, quick rundown on my super-speedy-quick trip to Colorado Springs, not because I think you’ll find it so interesting, but more because I want you to see this castle!


Colorado Springs looks a lot like Bend in many ways, and also has some notable differences.   The NavPress headquarters is situated on the grounds of Glen Eyrie (a property owned by Nav’s parent company, The Navigators). Glen Eyrie is a stunning, wildlife-filled conference & retreat center and if you ever have chance to go, you absolutely should because…have I mentioned the castle?  There’s a castle! And I ate breakfast there two mornings and I felt my inner princess come alive each time.


This sign made me laugh.  I’m thinking about putting one in my driveway.  Heh.


Look how pretty!


Okay, so the day before I left for Colorado, our staff had a workday at our church and I was assigned to washing windows.   When I saw these windows I kept wondering who had to wash them and how hard it was and if they feared falling and what kind of squeegee did they use and all manner of questions we window-washers ask.  Mostly, I was just thankful not to be in charge of cleaning that castle.


This is the view from the huge,  sunny patio that overlooks the grounds.  If you look very closely and waaaaay out in the distance, you’ll see what looks like a big dog but it is actually a bighorn sheep.  It was beautiful and I considered bringing one home for the kids but I already had two carryons.


No one was in the castle when I got there, so I did a little sneaky exploring (this is the music room).  I felt very Belle from Beauty and Beast (I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell…) Sigh.  I love that movie.

Well, this is apropos of nothing except that I was in a very big hurry when packing and grabbed Josiah’s toothpaste by mistake and…ew.  It tastes like rainbows and old bubblegum and I do not know how kids can use this stuff.


I wasn’t actually in Colorado Springs to sneak around a castle, I was there for meetings with the NavPress crew and meet we did!  It was wonderful to get to know each other, talk about the goodness of God and work together to align with His dreams for the future.  I was so impressed with each of them and their hearts to tell His story to a world that needs it so desperately.  Beautiful.



This is part of the editorial team that is working on my book.  Hi, Rebekah, Meg and Megan!   There were also some great men on the team, but they did not have the foresight to wear black & grey as all of us women did, so they got stuck taking the picture rather than being in it.  I don’t think they were very disappointed.


So, that’s the rundown.  I’m glad to be home and excited for what lies ahead.  Oh!  In other news:  I have a bunch of family coming for the fourth of July and I need creative cookery ideas – my brain is just sort of mushy right now in the recipe quadrant.  Shoot stuff my way in the comments, please and thank you, and maybe we’ll all find something great to add to our independence day feast.


Retiring my tiara,



P.S.  The day after I got home, NavPress and all of Glen Eyrie was evacuated because of wildfires that are dangerously close.  The offices remain closed today and until the fires are under control.  Please pray for protection over this ministry, as well as the property and people in the area.


  1. Praying for protection for this beauty from the nasty scary fires! So excited for this adventure for you Bo! And 4th of July? One word. Costco.

    • I knew I could count on you for the right answer, friend! I will definitely be utilizing that big ol’ box store for some easy, pre-made goodness.

  2. Hope you are feeling much better. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics so we can enjoy a trip with you. Did you meet my favorite author Ruth Myers?

    • Nope, Marla, I didn’t meet any other authors while I was there. I was mostly in meetings with the same team all day. 🙂

  3. Hey Bo! Here’s some of our favorites!
    Brine Chicken! Dissolve 1 cup of Kosher salt and 1/2 cup of sugar in a gallon of water. You can add onion and garlic to the solution if you want extra flavor. Place cut up chicken pieces in the mix for 1 hour and then BBQ. The brine process speeds up the cooking time and lends to a juicy piece of chicken.
    Mint Lemonade! Buy the “Simply” brand Lemonade or Limeade and add mint leaves. It’s very refreshing. I like to add lemon wedges or lime wedges and mint leaves to sparkling water(San Pellegrino)too. And one more……
    Trader Joe’s has a mean Lemon Curd and it’s cheap. So take their Pecan or Coconut shortbread cookies a box of strawberries, their lemon curd and spread a little on the cookie and top with a slice of strawberry. It’s like eating a Strawberry Lemonade! I made this one up myself! It’s Magically Delicious! Happy 4th, it’s one of my favorite holiday’s.

    • Amy – I love all of these ideas! I always brine my turkey and I swear by it – why have I never thought of brining chicken? Brilliant!

  4. SUPER easy recipe that feeds a lot of people: Buy a big turkey breast at Costco (yes, Costco). If it comes with netting around it, cut that off. Stick it in your crock pot for 6 or 7 hours. Then take a couple of forks and shred it. Put some of the really yummy barbecue sauce from Costco on it (I use the entire bottle) and mix well. Leave it simmering in the crock pot on low for another hour to let it get warm and flavorful. Serve on Costco rolls. (You know, that big bag of like 36 of them?) And for extra yumminess, add coleslaw. THAT’S my kind of cooking. Super good and I doesn’t require that I really need to do anything so I have more time to polish my tiara. 😉

  5. Oh gosh, you have to make this cake: http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Red–White—Blueberry-Poke-Cake
    I love the cute little stars at the top. And I have to say that I laughed so hard when I read that the toothpaste tasted like rainbows and OLD bubblegum. The castle looks amazing. I too have a fascination of castles. I had a friend who went to Ireland and I asked her if she could bring me back postcards with castles on them. It would be an awesome dream come true to don my best ballgown (I have a couple!) and prance around a castle. Well Bo, do you think that NavPress would let us have a little “book release party” there? 😀

    • That cake is cute, Teresa! Maybe you could eat it while wearing one of your best ballgowns. 🙂

  6. Here’s an easy salad idea. Rinse and cook a few cups of quinoa. Let it cool and add any or all of the following: small amount of vegetable oil; fresh lime juice; chopped cilantro; finely diced red onion; frozen or canned (drained) corn; canned black beans (drained); sliced olives; salt. It’s yummiest after several hours in the trudge.

  7. Hey Bo! My funky recipe blog address is:

    I love corn/black bean salad for the 4th. Add whatever you like …red bell peppers, a lil jalepeno, lots of lime juice and cilantro – there’s a recipe for it on the blog.

    I also love love love watermelon and mint. Forget the feta and onions…just the watermelon and mint makes me swoon.

    Our blended family feud is regarding BBQ chicken. My family goes for olive oil, rosemary and lemon pepper basted on the chicken, but my husband is a Kraft Original BBQ sauce purist. I think men like BBQ sauce so they can char the chicken to a new definition of “black”.

    And lastly, though my dear friend Joan insists that chocolate layer cake is the only permissible July 4th dessert, I vote for an easy ice cream with red and blue berries….

    Have a great holiday!

    • Oh dear, Karen, I would be torn between your dueling families because I think both those ideas sound delicious. I am not dissuaded by a little char on my chicken. 🙂 Love your blog – thanks for sharing!

  8. Girl, yes you did, Girl!
    Love seeing the castle and the you with the publishers situation. Rockin’ socks and takin’ names!

  9. For the recipes, you really should check out Pinterest!

    • Oh gosh, Steve, Pinterest scares me…I’m afraid once I’m there I’ll never return…

      But you’re right, it’s a great resource, and so I should just stiffen my spine and set a timer or something and dive on in. 😉

      • Be careful! Pinterest is soooo addicting. Before you know it hours have passed. However, you usually have a smile on your face after hours of saying “ooh and ahhhh”

  10. Gaucamole spaghetti with summer veggies, so yummie. It is on my Pinterest page.

  11. Loved hearing about your trip. Been praying for and thinking alot about you, Steve, health, writing, and God. Thanks for washing windows – keep up the good work.
    One of our favorite “cook out” salads is a real easy one and surprisingly tasty as well. It’s called “walking salad” You take whole cabbage leaves, smear them with peanut butter, (and mayo which some people like and others do not) and lay carrot sticks down the middle, and sprinkle raisins. Fold the cabbage leaf shut (like a burrito!) and you can walk around with your salad. It’s delicious and no cooking!
    Love you and hope you all have fun. It should be interesting if we pull off a 4th celebration this year, here in Africa…..sometimes it can slip right by us!
    Love you,