I am currently living in a sliver-like gap of free time between having turned in my manuscript and getting it back from my editor so I can start on revisions.  In related news:  editing is hard.  It’s easier for me to start with a blank page than to remodel a written one.  When editing, I sit down and get up from my desk an average of seven times before putting my shoulder to the wheel and doing the work of rebuilding sentences.  Think I’m kidding?  It goes like this: I need a snack.  I need a sweater.  Now it’s too hot.  Why are all the windows closed?  It’s like living in a crock pot.  Who in the world could think clearly in a crock pot? I forgot my charger.  I need a little writing music.  Not that music.  Why is the music so loud?  I can’t write to music.  I need snack.



Ruthless font (2)


Having said all that, I’m excited about this book and it’s not because I feel any more confident about the whole world loving it than I felt about Beautiful Battlefields (I’m perennially insecure about my own abilities).  The reason I’m excited is because this book is dear to my  heart.  When people watch our lives and say, “How do you stay steady through this battle?”  this book is the answer.  While writing it, I felt like a police sketch artist, listening to Isaiah and Abraham and Job and Joseph and Jeremiah and forming their portraits of our beautiful God into words that I dearly, desperately hope are worthy of His character.


When I land in dark spaces or deep-water days, some line or chapter from this project inevitably shoots through my emotions, injecting truth like medicine into the jagged wounds of life.


 “…but the people that do know their God will be strong and do exploits.”  Daniel 11:32″


Here’s what I’m convinced of, friend:  God longs for us to know Him.  Just like we long to be known and loved by those dearest to us; He longs for us to pursue an understanding of His character.  I’m freshly aware of how painful it must be for Him when we shake our fist at the problems we think He caused or treat Him like a vindictive, volatile taskmaster.  I’m also convinced that this ignorance regarding His ability and integrity (aka: bad theology) is why so many Christians are stuck in bitterness, frustration and purposelessness, especially when they face a Really Big Battle.


So, I’m excited.  And hopeful.  And breathing a bit before working hard.  Pray for me, would you?  That I would stay closely tied to truth and represent Him in a way that is clear and compelling.  I’ve never felt more inadequate for a task (or more honored to have the chance to tackle it.)


A million thank you’s,




P.S.  Street date for the book is early January so now all my friends know what they’re getting for Christmas.





  1. Karla (Ratter) Jeltema

    Oh dear Bo, the more I read your blogs, the more I wish I knew you better… You shall certainly have our prayers ~ new prayers. You and Steve have them from us daily. Hugs to you both, sweet cousin!
    p.s. Can’t wait to read the new book!!!

  2. Praying for peace and courage in your battle! You have touched my life! Can’t wait to read this new one!!

  3. Love your blogs, always so uplifting. Looking forward to you new book. We will be praying for you all.

  4. I am looking forward to this book. Prayers and encouragement for you.

  5. Thank you Bo, and thank you again for using your God given gifts to encourage so many of us in battle. My spirit is stirred by your words because I am so with you! Our God most certainly longs to be known, and somehow, battle creates such a unique opportunity for that to happen. I have been and will continue to pray for you and your family. Can’t wait for your next book!

  6. Bo,
    I just finished reading Beautiful Battlefields and I am so encouraged by your book. My brother is currently in his own battle with ALS and will soon be on a ventilator, a choice he has made. I completely understand all you are going through and I thank you for your uplifting words and your unending faith in knowing that God will provide all your needs. I have seen this in our own family and I have seen my brother face his diagnosis with grace and courage. Only God could do that. As you so beautifully wrote, it is truly in the lowest valleys of life that we grow the closest to our Lord as He directs our steps and teaches us so much about letting him lead the way. I have ordered 5 copies to pass out to my family. I am so thankful for this wonderful book and look with anticipation for the release of your new book. Now to him who is immeasurably more then all we ask or imagine….may he meet all your needs Bo Stern.

  7. Will be hard to wait til January!

  8. Your process of actually starting work made me giggle. Because it’s like that for me too. Except mine is more like: I need snack. Okay I need more snack. I’m still hungry so more snack. 😉

    Can’t wait for the new book! Yipee!!

  9. And now all MY friends know what they’ll be getting for Christmas! xoxoxox Chat date. Soon.

  10. YAY! a new Bo book, Bo book, Bo book… Try saying THAT three times fast! (Oh and by the way, – “clear and compelling” is what. you. do… (drawing close to God in the hard work process is what comes shining through for us 🙂 …………

  11. This reminds me of something you posted on facebook a couple months back. I will never forget it…

    Alive is a gift.

    Thank you for the reminder today!

  12. Shoot – my previous comment was meant for a different post of yours… sorry.
    I am extremely excited about your latest book though! Can’t wait!!!