There once was a man, made of steel and good stuff

His skin was well-lived-in

His heart was well-loved

Steve 2007

 Then one day the moving van came to his house,

“You’re moving,” they said, “it’s time to roll out.”




“But wait,” he protested, “I don’t want to go!

This land is my land.  This land is my home.

My days and my dreams and my fears and my family,

all live here, on this street, I’m quite firmly planted.”




But they wouldn’t listen, would not be dissuaded

So bravely, he followed and bravely, he faced it

A new life with fences that once never were

A life without movement, a land with no cure


Ribbon 4


And some days were lonely and quiet and sad

Some days he wondered if all that he’d had

Was only a dream or a wish or a wonder

A question to answer, a puzzle to ponder


My girls

But then, the most marvelous thing broke the spell

Reys and Sterns

The sunlight broke in like when love rings a bell

Steve and Joe P

They spilled out from corners and Saturday hobbies

 Team Stern

They came from their houses

Tori friends

They came from their jobbies

Stan and Mishlers

Tori Tay Laura

They hugged as they hollered and stomped their dear feet,

“This land isn’t fit for a man nor a beast!”


We must find a cure, find a door, find a way


To make sure that nobody else has to stay!”

Lance and Steve

They walked to remind him he wasn’t alone,


They danced, and they carried their hope to his home.


This land?  He still lives there, but not without dreams


Of the day he’ll move out

Jones and Steve

Because of their feet.


{$15,413.25 raised}


{THANK you, sweet friends.}


{See you next September!}



  1. Love you guys! Hope to be there next year . It is such a priveledge to get to be a small part of this and to see the great things God is doing.

  2. BO,
    IF I reset my preferences to not receive anymore e-mails then please change that preference back for me,I would be crushed by not being able to follow your life and journey with Steve and Lord. I have never met you but I know Steve and the Stern family when they lived in Danville Illinois and founded the Rock Church.

    • Karen – thanks so much for your encouragement and support. If you aren’t getting the emails, you can just subscribe again in the box in the sidebar. I can’t change your preferences from my end. 🙂

      Bless you!

  3. What a marvelous testimony to what you are doing to help find a cure for ALS. It’s great to see pictures of your husband, family and friends and to see how they all come together in support of this cause. I had a brother-in-law pass away with ALS and would love to help find a cure. Also know some of the struggles that you and your family are going through with this disease. God loves us and wants what is best for each of us. His love will sustain us through each new day and each new difficulty. Keep on sharing with us how you are all doing, it’s encouraging.

  4. Christi McWilliams

    It is so encouraging to watch God move 🙂 I am whispering God’s name on your behalf daily! Blessings on you <3

  5. Bo, as I follow your journey I am humbled by your ability to stay strong and true to the faith. Steve is blessed to have someone like you in his corner, as you have been blessed by having him in yours. I love Dr. Suess and you have the same ability to get a strong message to others that are “fighting the good fight”.

  6. Bo, I LOVE your shirts! Such a sweet post. Blessings!

  7. What a great poem for the purpose of fundraising, and the purpose of exposing the travesties of a life changed and life lost to something out of our control

    Blessings to you,


  8. Bo, did you write that poem?