Well, Team Stern had a pretty rough afternoon post-op. For one impossibly scary moment, it looked like we had celebrated too soon. But, now as the sun starts to peek up through our hospital window, things seem to have stabilized. Steve is resting comfortably and we’re anticipating no more crazy tricks outta that guy – though continued prayers for good, solid, independent breathing are welcome.


Because the day felt so uncertain, I couldn’t bring myself to read your sweet comments from yesterday, but that’s on my agenda this morning. Thanks so much for praying and loving us. I’m more convinced than ever: I married superman.



  1. Stephanie Nelson

    Praying for you, Bo. And for Steve! He is definitely superman. My heart is with you guys. Thank you again for opening up your soul and letting us all walk with you through this time.


  2. Commence breathing. Love you.

  3. John 10:14 MSG

    “I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own sheep and my own sheep know me. In the same way, the Father knows me and I know the Father. I put the sheep before myself, sacrificing myself if necessary”

    I read your post and then this was a part of a daily reading. “I know my sheep”. There are no sheep more well known to God than the Sterns. the verse goes on to talk about gathering more sheep and I can’t help but to think how many of those you have helped bring back to Him.

    He will sacrifice himself and he has. For you. For me.

    But you Stern family, are His glory. A living testimony. Jewels in His crown. I cant even imagine how He delights in you.

    I can see Jesus doing the crazy David dance in celebration of you and your faith.

  4. Just prayed for you this morning!! We love you xoxox

  5. I had you all on my mind heavy late in the day and last night. Was thinking how it is when you have a surgery like this…and KNOW that even when everything is “ok” there is still a boat load of stuff to deal with. There will still be many many things to deal with over the next few days.

    It’s just rough water.
    I’ll be lifting you all up over the next few weeks.

  6. This army standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you has not left the battle. We did not walk off the battlefield as soon as the surgery was over. We are still at your side, contending with you in prayer, hope and faith. Yesterday, we saw that “the prayer of a righteous man and woman (multiplied in number by the hundreds, possibly thousands, and praying for a common purpose) are powerful and effective.” Today, we continue to believe and to pray. No more scary moments, Mr. Steve Stern! We love you all so much!

  7. Breathing a sigh of relief. The gift of breathing will never again be taken for granted. “Spirit of the living God, breathe afresh on Steve. Give him strong lungs to endure this battle, with the knowledge that his work here is not done. Give Steve and Bo and the entire Stern family the comforting hope that the power of Your great love lives, and As Team Stern grows in numbers, so do our prayers to you, Father, for healing and a new hope for a cure that Steve lives to tell about. IN Jesus name! AMEN !!!

  8. Nothing deep or fancy to say, just a simple prayer for strength and courage for all of you this morning. We love you.

  9. Our hearts are with you, praying for Superman and Lois Lane as well. ❤️ Prayers also for your beloved family. Love you all so much.

  10. And, dear, strong, sweet friend, Bo… I am praying for you also to find some rest, some nourishment, some breathing space of your own some time during this day for the renewal and sustenance of your mind, body and spirit. Just like God did for Elijah in the wilderness when the man of God was exhausted and afraid. Sometimes, the Lord knows that what we need is a little nap and a little snack and a little time in His presence. I pray you are able to get all of those today. Love you, friend. 🙂

  11. Christina Chberlin

    Your family is such an inspiration to so many. Such Godly influence in our lives. May God continue to bless you as you continue to bless so many.
    Thank you both for all the Godly influence. Love you both.
    Christina Chamberlin

  12. Impossible circumstances meet the God of all possibilities, and we get to stand in the middle and dismay or enjoy depending on our perspective. May today be a day filled with joy for Team Stern as the God of possible shines a super bright light on the darkness of seemingly impossible.
    We’re always praying for you!

  13. Krista Crawford

    We have only met once, through Cher, but you and your family are always on my heart. I have been blessed by you and your books and blog. My prayers are with you.

  14. Bo, I am Matts mom..wanted to send our love and many prayers for Steve, you and your very loving extended family!We pray for more stabilization for Steve and God’s mighty strength and comfort for you and your girls and again for your awesome extened family!I just know Steve is comforted by you and of course God’s mighty love!Kim and I will continue to pray!!!!! Love to all of you, Kim and Carlotte Miller

  15. We were just showing my Speech Therapist yesterday, the clip from the latest Superman movie where Lois Lane asks Superman what the ‘S’ stands for and he answers: “It’s not an S. On my planet it stands for Hope.”. You, indeed, married Superman. Even Superman and Superwoman need continued prayers. We shall pray without ceasing.

  16. we’re all still with you guys!! not going anywhere anytime soon. x

  17. Steve was in our thoughts and prayers all night, as well as you too,Bo . How he was doing , was the first thing that came to my mind as my eyes opened this morning. Praying for independent breathing today and for him to gain his Superman strength 🙂 Great is His faithfulness, His mercies begin afresh each morning. The Lord had ministering angels camped out in that hospital room last night. Bo , The Lord gave you His strength last night and will continue, I’m sure you were a mighty prayer warrior last night. My prayer is you both get peaceful rest and wake refreshed . God bless you both, hugs to you both <3 oxoxox

  18. Michelle Watson

    Oh honey…I know you see your precious husband as Superman, but I see you as Lois Lane (or Superwoman, but I guess those are the same!). Just like this picture shows, you are the one who is by his side praying, contending, pleading, believing, loving. Steve would not be able to be Superman without you. I know that may sound cheesy, but I just thought I’d let you know that all of us who travel this journey from near and far are standing here in awe of God’s grace in and through you too.
    Much love and prayers, Michelle

  19. We continue to pray for your whole family each morning. We are standing with you in confidence of God’s goodness and blessing for Team Stern. Much love from the Schulz family!

  20. Bo you did marry superman! It is truly amazing how many life’s Steve has touched, and how many people are praying for You and Steve. My Hope and prayer today for you is filled with peace and comfort.


  21. Continuing to pray. Really love you guys!

  22. Prayers continue!

  23. Lane and I are praying for you both as you go through these times!

  24. Bo – I will always treasure the support system that your family (particularly Dave and Cheryl) put around me 18 years ago when I was facing some of the most difficult times in my life. Those seeds planted by a Godly heritage produce fruits that are able to sustain others. I am offering up those first fruits to The Lord many times daily on your behalf. We love you and your precious family with the love of The Lord and we truly see in you the glory of our King!

  25. Julie Winklebleck

    praying praying praying…..repeat

  26. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers all day long, prayers of strength and peace for each moment.

  27. Thanks for the update. We and our fellows in Christ here in Nairobi have been praying. Truly, The Lord is the strength of your heart. The superman of all supermen lives in Steve for sure. He is looking more like his Daddy all the time. Much and continual love pouring from this hemisphere.

  28. Isaiah 26:3
    Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:
    because he trusteth in thee.

    Team Stern: May the strength you need be abundant and may the Holy Spirtit comfort and nourish you with the richness of peace in your weariness. His love never fails, never gives up, never runs out. To each member of Team Stern and all those that support The Team, prayers of abundance, not just suffiientancy cry out for you, as we stand in battle alongside you, lifting your spiritual arms as warriors in prayer.

  29. Brad and Kelly Hester

    You are an amazing family.
    There is love and support and prayers – constantly for you.
    Your “family” is much bigger than you might have imagined.
    Behold an amazing God.

  30. Emily Rene Yoder

    Praying for you both. Hope everything goes well.

  31. Bo, praying, praying dear sister.

  32. All day yesterday you were in my deepest heart and praying. Continuing to pray!!!!

  33. Prayers for Steve’s recovery & Strength also for you to have strength and know we Love You All Very Much.!!!

  34. Our family is in prayer for yours. I’m terrible with words, but just know that your family is very dear to our hearts. God is amazing, and may you be richly blessed.

  35. Thank you, loving Jesus, and thank you, Bo, for letting us know. You are much in our prayers over this side of the Atlantic.

  36. Praying for all of you!! The following song has been on my mind this afternoon.. it has been encouraging to me and I hope to you too…
    Praise the name of Jesus
    Praise the name of Jesus
    He’s my rock, He’s my fortress
    He’s my deliverer. In Him shall I trust.
    Praise the name of Jesus.
    Love, Debbie

  37. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My Dad lost his battle with ALS in December of 2012. Just remember you need to take time for yourself to rest and heal.

  38. Thank you Bo for keeping us all in the loop! Our thoughts and prayers are on you two….and family. The strength and admiration between a husband & wife that wells up in times like this is nothing short of amazing.

  39. Elizabeth Kroeger

    And he def married superwoman! My encouraging thoughts and unending prayers go out to you and you family. Strength to Steve!

  40. I never know how to respond. all I can do is let the tears flow and tell you I love you.–angie

  41. Praying praying with love