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What to Get The Guy Who Has Everything


Hi friends,


This Wednesday is Steve’s 53rd birthday.  We always struggle with what to get for him because at this stage of his journey, he really does have everything he needs.  What he loves most of all is visits with friends, but he doesn’t have the energy for many of those anymore so we decided to bring the visits to him through the magic of Facebook.


We’re asking his friends to take a minute and write down one fun memory they have with Steve or one way he has inspired/blessed/annoyed them in the past 53 years.  Me and the kids will take turns reading the messages to him and we’ll also have the comments to treasure for a long time.  If you’d like to be a part of blessing Steve on his birthday, you can leave your memory here in the comments section or email it to me directly at


Thanks so much! We love you!


Bo for Team Stern

April 20, 2015 - 1:43 pm

John - Steve, Happy Birthday to You!!

While we’ve never yet met, know that I, and ever so many others, have followed the posts your dear wife has made on her blog. You’ve allowed us to celebrate the bright spots and travel with you through the valleys for a long while now; and for that we offer praises and thanksgivings. The journey has been arduous, but all of us have at least a glimpse of the eons ahead.

Please keep a spot for me at His feet (as well as Peter’s and Paul’s and a host of other saints who have gone before), ’cause I have reams of questions to ask when we’re all gathered together, knowing as we are known.

Feel surrounded by our love and prayers Steve (and Bo and kids), for they certainly travel with you each footstep of this journey. Nor shall anything ever separate us, for we truly are all His Kids and we’ve actually read the “end of the story”!!

Happy birthday again!!


April 20, 2015 - 3:36 pm

Ross & Patty Sisson - My wife and I have never really met you, but will never forget two events. First, the Wednesday night that you spoke to us with Bo’s help. Your inspired, heart-felt message has stuck with us and always will. Second, the dress-up dance party at Summer’s house when you and Bo danced, with your family(both immediate & church) watching on. Unforgettable.
Happy Birthday and may God richly bless you and your whole family.
Ross & Patty Sisson

April 21, 2015 - 7:24 am

Debbie Hammagren - Happy Birthday Steve. The memory that comes to my heart is one thing. But it is one thing that happened many many times. It is the look of caring that you give. You have an indescribable ability to make others feel cared for. I know that it is Jesus living in you, shining out of you and on to us. Much love to you. Debbie Hammagren

April 21, 2015 - 8:50 am

Karen Sesnon - Well Steve, we only met once, but I’ll forever remember what you had to share about “being numbered” and the presence of God in the room as you shared. I treasure my copy of Beautiful Battlefields because you signed it for me. It feels like you are part of our family as we’ve traveled the outskirts of your journey via Bo’s blog…thank you for letting us in! I don’t have a personal story to share for your birthday…but it was fun a couple of days ago when my husband said “who’s Steve?”…and then went on in response to my puzzled look…”well, our calendar says his birthday is Wednesday and I can’t quite figure out who he is. I’ve counted all the kids and we don’t have a “Steve”. So, ya see, you made our family calendar! I’ve hit that season where culture tells us to avoid birthdays and complain about being “old”…so your birthday popping up on my g-calender is a reminder to me to be grateful for every gray hair, to celebrate “…every minute…”, and to view each year as 365 opportunities to listen, be present, and give God the glory. Alive! Loved! Satisfied!

April 21, 2015 - 11:49 am

terri andrews - Happy Birthday Steve from a “web friend” in Indianapolis, IN that you’ve never met before but I feel like we’re siblings after reading your wife’s blog. I want to tell you your an inspiration and I’m thankful to the Lord that you and your family share your life with us. In the midst of life’s trials your life is a Godly perspective of what is important: relationship with God, marriage, children, family, love, trust, prayer, people, & hope.
God Bless you and your family, Happy Birthday!
Thank you for all of the reminders to what life is REALLY all about.

April 21, 2015 - 5:47 pm

Jenna Javens - Happy Birthday Steve!

I remember the first time I heard about you was from Whitney who informed me of your African roots. I had just moved to Bend and was unsure of how to re-enter into American life. But alas, there was hope of another fellow-African who loved that land as much as I did. In a season of transition it gave me peace and encouragement. And then I met you…you were warm and welcoming and sincerely cared to know who I was and my story. It meant the world to me. For me, it was a miraculous entry into the Stern/Parnell clan as a random village girl transplanted in Central Oregon. With very little info or time having passed between us all, you and your family made me feel at home, loved, and seen.

It is a gift that you have, Steve. You see people and in your natural, unassuming, loving ways you show people tangibly the value that God sees in them. Your care isn’t necessarily loud or obvious but there you are with consistent love, wisdom, and a listening ear. The times that I have been welcomed into your home for family dinners, watching your kids with Noel, and birthday parties are such precious moments for me. You made me feel a part of things in seasons where I wasn’t sure how to.

You also need to know that these and so many brilliant aspects of your character I see so clearly in your amazing kids. You have raised remarkable children who have absolutely been shaped and impacted by having such an awesome dad like you. You are a dad who reflects the heart of God so simply and powerfully. I am so thankful for the way you love your wife and the example that you both are to those of us that follow your path.

I love you Sterns profusely and am a better person because of your friendship and familyness in my life. Steve, I love you and am so grateful to know you. Praying that you are overwhelmed by the love and value we all feel for you.

April 22, 2015 - 12:52 pm

Kathy Field - Happy Birthday Steve!! I unfortunately have not had the privilege of spending much time with you, but I feel I know you through the heart of your family, Joe and Lila. I do have this very special memory. It was at Intermission and Bo was our main speaker and we all sat at the same table. You and Joe were relaying lines from a couple of your favorite movies; one being “Young Frankenstein” We laughed and laughed!! Your facial expressions spoke more than your words lol. And then you went on stage to join Bo and prayed over everyone in the room (even now I get goosebumps and tears are starting to flow), the anointing and presence of God that filled the room was beyond words. We could have heard a pin drop as each of us soaked in the beautiful presence and powerful words being spoken. You truly are a man after God’s own heart!!