Dear Joe

Dear Joe, I look at you and see a boy who knows for sure that he is a fast runner, a good leader, a smart thinker. At nine, your only kryptonite is math, but somehow your weakness with numbers seems to make everything else more charming. You love to play […]

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Thinky Thursday: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church

This book is important.  Because I really love the next generation, I’m going to say it again:  this book is important. And as someone who has worked with teenagers for about a million years, I kinda thought I knew it all.  But this book changed the way that I’m going […]

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For Love

For Whitney…we went to every concert and every church service when she was on the worship team, even if it meant listening to the same sermon four times in one weekend. We still listen when she sings and are amazed that she can do that. For Tori…we listened to her […]

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