Do you ever feel like the area in your brain that receives and processes information has gotten really swampy? That’s me right now. Since the Word of God is awesome and powerful, new treasure is still getting thrown in, but because my mind is so overloaded it just kind of sinks to the bottom like a shoe in a swamp and I can only hope that when I need it, I’ll be able to retrieve it.

For example, on Monday I was reading in Luke and one sentence poked it’s head out of the chapter and demanded attention. I literally had goose bumps when I read it the second and third time, it was so FILLED with life-changing possibilities. Just then, my office door opened and a crisis walked inside. After that, my day was filled with stuff way noisier than Luke.

So now it’s Friday and here’s what I’ve discovered: the word of God is high-impact, but low-maintenance. It’s not the crying kid in the grocery store. It’s not the horrific alarm clock cricket noises. It’s not the honking horns or ringing bells or fire drills of every day life. It’s really more charming and romantic and alluring. It’s strength-of-steel and life-altering power packaged in an unassuming little wrapper that is not equipped with a big screen or a sound track or commercial breaks to run upstairs and get a snack. Much like the walls of a damp and dark mine, it doesn’t have a lot to grab your attention except this one thing: the heart-pumping, pulse-racing possibility that there could be a diamond inside. For those who are willing to strap on the silly-looking head lamp thing and forge ahead, there are secrets and treasure to be found.

I’m going to start with my treasure from Monday – the one that almost got away. Luke 22:29. Check it out – it’s not flashy and may even look a little average at first glance. But read it again. And then again. And then out loud. And then ask yourself: do I really believe this? Because if I believe it, this verse will mess up life as I know it. It’s a million bucks in the bank and I don’t want to toss that kind of cash in the swamp.

Oh also – welcome to my blog!


  1. Hey mom, I like your verse. It didn’t change my life, but it showed once again the amazing work of the Holy Spirit. That one rather simple verse can speak so fully to one person…it’s like a secret code. The kind every little kid wants so that mom wont know what they’re saying to their best friend. It’s intimate and smooth and wonderful.
    I had my own ordinary turned extraordinary verse the other day. Check out Luke 2:19, it’s just another gift.

  2. Wow…I am so proud of you! Way to be high-stepping to the rhythm of your heart! Thanks for giving us a peak into the treasure that God gives you.I look forward to many more.