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The Legend of April Fuel's Day

A couple of years ago, my son came home from preschool and was clearly overwhelmed and preoccupied with a big piece of new information he had received (this happens to him a lot.)

Josiah: “Hey Mom, did you know that today is April Fuel’s Day?”

Me: “Yep, Joe. I did know that it’s April Foooooool’s Day.” (We often speak in a ridiculous and phonetically exaggerated way when our kids mispronounce. Except when we think the mistake is cuter than the real word, like when Tess used to talk about how slipperly it was outside and could she please have a bignanna for breakfast.)

Joe: “Really? Well, do you know what April Fuel’s Day is?”

Me: “Um….why don’t you tell me what April Fool’s Day is.”

Joe: “It’s when you play tricks on people. Did you know that?”

Bo: “Yeah, I actually did know that. It’s a funny day, isn’t it?”

Joe: “Yep.”

Long pause.

Joe turns to leave and then stops and calls over his shoulder…”Oh, and Mom?”

Bo: “Yes, Joe?”

Joe: “There’s a spider on your head.”

So, that’s how April 1 became April Fuel’s Day in the Stern home. (And seriously – given the price of gas, doesn’t it make my son seem eerily prophetic?)

Til Thursday,


P.S. Coming up: the greatest book in the history of history.  So great, in fact, that it’s been a distraction to my life and the classes I’m teaching and all manner of civilized conversation. You MUST get this book!

April 2, 2008 - 4:10 pm

cass-a-rooh - oh joe…
today is my joe’s birthday… and i’m pretty sure he has said/done something quite similar. =)

can’t wait to hear about the book!

April 2, 2008 - 4:46 pm

Katie - What is it!!!!! WHHHHAAAATTTT IISSSSSS IITTTT!!!!!!! Seriously, you might as well have told a drug addict that there’s a new awesome drug he has to try…because that’s how I am with books! I must have them all!

April 2, 2008 - 5:18 pm

bolovesjoe - Cassie – happy birthday to your Joe! My Joe thought he saw him Sunday…was he in town?

Katie – breathe slowly and deeply. I know how you feel. Sometimes you can deal with the heart palpitations by surfing the bestsellers at Amazon.

April 2, 2008 - 5:59 pm

Tracy - I must know!!! What is it??? Tellme tell me, I need a new book(not really)but I like an excuse to buy books. Also, wanted to say you are an inspiration to me, daily blogging. Its been 11 days since my last post, but somethings brewing….

April 3, 2008 - 4:16 am

helenw13 - Okay the post above…took the words right out of my mouth….no fair leaving us hanging!

But I will chew on that precious fruit called patience and continue to log on to your blog!

Oh and my 4 year old played an April Fool’s on me…he learned about it in school…I don’t talk about it much because it is my mom’s birthday and it just seemed inappropriate to talk about fools…anyway, too long of a story but needless to say, I walked around a store with a paper fish on my back until someone finally asked if I knew this fact…ha!

April 3, 2008 - 9:29 pm

Tracy - OK, it is Thursday, I’ll give you that is it very early, but you said you would post on thursday, this great book you have:) I have a great book as well, I can’t put it down, but if I don’t my kids will not be fed and ready for school. So, tell me what is it? I’ll tell you mine….

April 3, 2008 - 9:44 pm

Bob and Louise - I’m with you Tracy. C’mom, Bo. It’s Thursday and we wait with baited breath… I just finished a good read, looking forward to recycling through it again for the crumbs I’m sure I missed. Is it the same one???

April 3, 2008 - 10:39 pm

bolovesjoe - Ah ladies…we are a troubled group of book addicts is what we are. I suppose, however, if I had to choose a vice, this would be the most noble one. Now I have posted and I will wait to hear your books because you promised, that’s why. And Helen, the April Fools/Mom’s Birthday story is intriguing…perhaps it’s time to write it for the rest of us to read!

April 18, 2008 - 5:15 am

Katie - So I just reread this blog and it made me laugh picturing Josiah thinking he’s so sneaky while grinning really big and hunching over like he does when he giggles. So cute!

April 18, 2008 - 11:07 pm

bolovesjoe - Yep…he’s a brilliantly clever boy and never more charming than when he perceives his own brilliance is on display. Love that kid! But I probably won’t fall for the spider trick twice. 🙂