Well, the Twenty’s today have this in common: knowing them could save someone’s life and the life you save could be your own. Literally. Hee. Making myself laugh so early in the morning? Priceless.

#16 How to Change a Flat Tire: Yikes! I really want this one on the list because….well…because, it could possibly be that I’m not entirely sure I could pull it off myself. It’s on my list of goals and dreams for 2008 though. Slacker alternative for knowing how to change a tire: make a goal to learn how to change a tire.

#15 CPR and the Heimlich. I know, I know, you never think you’ll need it. But trust me, a well-executed Heimlich in a busy restaurant will probably get you on the news, or at least a free dinner or something. Seriously, if you ever DO need it, you’ll be endlessly thankful that you learned it. Tons of information (though beware: they seem a little sassy about it) here. Visit this site and then tell me how much you love the picture they chose to illustrate “first aid.” Heh.

#14 How to Use Jumper Cables without blowing up your car. I have experience in this! I have watched smoke curling up from the engine and seen my cables liquefy in front of my little eyes, so I still call my husband every time to have him talk me through it. Interesting aside: I’ve found that the need for jumper cables always occurs on the coldest day of the year. In fact, just thinking about jumper cables makes my hands cold and numb. Weird.

#13 How the Rest of the World Lives. If you woke up this morning, turned on the kitchen faucet and water came out, then you’re in the top tiny percentage of people living in the lap of luxury. If you eat three meals today – even if two of them are Top Ramen – you’re wildly affluent compared to your global neighbors. If you have been fully immunized against disease or have ever been treated by a docter when you were sick…wow…that’s pretty darn wealthy. If you’ve cast a vote, attended church or gone outside without a veil over your face without fear, then you oughta be dancing in the streets today because you are blessed indeed. Bonus points (from Heaven) if you let that awareness motivate you to action.

For perspective on that last one, please read Left to Tell by Immaculae Ilabagiza. It’s a heart-wrenching read, but it’s good for us in America to occasionally let the anesthesia wear off, you know?

SO excited about tomorrow’s Twenty,



  1. I would like to add an additional “Slacker alternative for knowing how to change a tire”: ORDER AAA

    AAA saves my life – I never leave home without it 😉

    who needs to know how to change a tire, or remember where their keys are when you have AAA?

    Who needs to hold on to their keys on the LAS VEGAS strip when you have AAA (that was a jab at Luke who lost his car keys somewhere on the Las Vegas strip.. good thing for AAA because we would have been stuck there overnight without it)

  2. Yay me! I know how to do all those things. Although I am constantly afraid to do jumper cables myself. But my dad made me change and rechange my tire 5 times before I was allowed to get my license. And my tire goes flat every year in 1 foot of snow…figures.

  3. Slacker alternative to calling Triple A when you lose your keys in Las Vegas: stay overnight and spend a lot of money at a really great restaurant. Helpful ideas are what I’m good at.

    Katie, your dad is brilliant. That’s all I have to say.

  4. Haha, we had just barely started dating at the time.. so I’m not sure that would have been a great plan.. and I’m not sure you would have endorsed it 🙂

  5. Jumper Cables ouch, thats a hard one… I feel like I’ve had to jump a car maybe 30 times in my life and I still mess that one up. Just the other day I was jumping my car to my cousins, and for some reason his cables are the opposite color, and low and behold lots of smoke, and bad things to my little Volkswagen.