…please marry Jehoshaphat. Thank you.

Seriously, I read his story again this morning (2 Chronicles 20) and I was struck by the things that make a man truly attractive: 1) admitting he doesn’t know what to do next 2) demonstrating humility in front of God and people 3) leading them in fairly outrageous worship 4) plundering the stinkin’ enemy. Um…can I just say: that’s pretty hot?

Where – by the way – ARE all the Jehoshaphat’s of this generation? I know a few, but not enough. There’s a Jehoshaphat shortage for sure, but if I were single I absolutely wouldn’t waste my time on anything less.

My .02 on a Saturday (I’m going to go spend the rest on coffee),


P.S. Please don’t stop reading my blog because I called a king of Judah hot. I think Eugene Peterson probably wanted to but didn’t want to deal with all the emails.


  1. Alright…you made me laugh after a long hot day on the softball field…actually in a portable chair watching those on the field but nonetheless hot…

    We must be reading the same pages these days…I really should consult you on writing my cover to cover recaps…you are much more succinct and get to the main point…

    But I think for this generation you could just call him “phat” for short…I can say that to you because there are no teen creatures around to roll their eyes and sigh at my lame attempt to be in step…ha

  2. I somehow found your site through a friend of a friend of a friend… uh, no real clue how I got here. But I’m thinking that somehow God knew that I needed to read your words. Not just this post, though I’ll keep ‘Phat’ in mind for a future husband. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your words are definitely inspired from God and I thank you for being obedient to him. I needed to hear some of the things you wrote. I’ll be back…

  3. haha, i completly agree with you Bo! ive been woundering the same thing, where all the Jehoshaphatโ€™s? LOL. I think Gods still working on some of them. this is where patience kicks in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Helen – ‘Phat is gonna stick. I’m sure of it.

    Angie – welcome! Thanks for the encouragement. I’m amazed at the way the blog world connects through a maze of clicks and twists and turns. I’m glad you found your way here.

    Jezi – I’m thinking that you have the perfect name to marry an ACTUAL Jehoshaphat! That would be cute and I would buy you monogrammed beach towels for sure!

  5. Corina Burgess


    I have a “Lancephat” who has amazing qualities and with one week left of G42 Internship, no prospects of a wife. HA! My baby boy turns 23 this Friday. (it was tough being a mom at 7!) So, I’m takin applications for future daughter in laws. Chalupas need not apply! Love and miss you! I always think of Whit’s b-day cause its the first day you can get REALLY GOOD watermelon!

  6. Oh, I love Lance! And I’ll put the word out that the line forms at your door. I can’t believe how old our kids are getting. This year, we had the milestone birthdays: 13, 18 & 21. Expensive! Tell Lance I said it really is about time to start getting serious about finding a nice girl to make his mom happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Bo,

    Looks like you have all you need to write that great teen read: “P.H.A.T. – The best man is a PHAT man.”

    All these comments have made me laugh so thanks so all. Especially you Corina with “Lancephat.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Katie – the only thing that’s stopping me is finding a killer acronym for P.H.A.T. Pre Husband Aptitude Test seemed a little too clinical. I’m leaving it to you because you’re great at those “wordy” things.

  9. I think the solution can be found, thanks to Stuff Christians Like. I would like to attribute this one to God Flavor – aka (in case you didn’t read the post yet) putting a Christian spin on secular ideas. Well, the original is Pretty, Hot And Tempting. I say you go with Patient, Holy And Trustworthy. I know, I know – it’s terrible and cheesy in ways nobody can enjoy. But such is the rule for Christianized acronyms.

  10. Well played, Katie.

    I also like the very spiritual: Praying Hard and Tenaciously. Or the very approachable: Paying Hardly any Tithe.

    Seriously…going to do real life now.

  11. Oh so good!

    A. Real life is overrated, especially when the network is down.
    B. Pursuing Her All Times. (not as good as yours, but those are hard!)

  12. Not to downplay “Phat” and his tempting-ness, Bo, but I’ve always been partial to Joshua (just ask Katie). Seriously, the guy was Moses’s sidekick, a phenomenal warrior, had faith when all his peers were freaking out about giants, he hung out partway up the mountain while God & Moses chilled with the Ten Commandments and warned Moses of the partying in the Israelite camp, and he lingered in the Tent of Meeting even after Moses headed home for the day. He’s my Old Testament hunk (kind of like a celebrity crush, but even less likely to happen).

  13. Excellent observation, Joann. Joshua for sure belongs on the If You Could Date a Bible Character Who’s Name Starts with J list. I’d throw Jabez in there, too, because he prayed a cool prayer without even knowing it would one day make him famous.