…please marry Mary. I know you like bullet points, so here they are:

  1. While she was still young, God asked her for a really big favor and she said YES. That kind of woman would probably say yes when you need a favor or two as well.
  2. She received some of the biggest and coolest prophetic words in all of history and didn’t tell anyone. A woman who knows the meaning of the word ponder is a rare treasure indeed.
  3. She understood the full scope of the call of God on her son’s life and she walked it out with Him to the very end. No running, fainting, bargaining or manipulating; during those long, wretched hours on the cross – she stood where He could see her (wow, this makes me cry every time). A woman who embraces the entirety of God’s work in your life – and not just the parts that make her look or feel good – is hard to find and worth fighting for.

I know that the Mary’s of the generation are almost as hard-to-find as the Jehoshaphat’s. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, because they’re not a dime-a-dozen, they do tend to stand out.

And a note to all Mary’s and ‘Phat’s (tm: Helen) who find one another: please do the world a favor and have many, many children!




  1. yes please! These last 2 posts are wonderful!!
    I promise to find a “phat” and have lots of children… or at least invest in lots of children!!! the hard part is fining one!

    check out my friend’s blog and the thoughts of a 3 year old about “finding a guy”(it’s the second post down);


  2. Cassie – not only is a good man hard to find – so is a good blog and I LOVE hers! She has a great “voice”, you know? Thanks for the link! Your man will find you (Katie loves that term “your man”…you should ask her about it). This should give you great peace knowing that it’s all his fault that you’re still waiting. When he comes along, right after you say YES, you can smack him and ask him what took him so long. If he says, “Sorry – I was rescuing children and puppies from natural disaster and nefarious creatures, but I came as soon as I could,” then he is forgiven. Any other excuse? Sketchy, but still – reluctantly – forgiven.

  3. another bit of advice.. when he finds you.. don’t run away screaming 😉 eventually he’ll catch up to you.
    …not speaking from experience or anything..

  4. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t stand by and watch my son be tortured on a cross.. even if God told me too.. so apparently I’m not a Mary, and Luke and I will take that into consideration when planning the number of children to have.
    My apologies in advance for the “less-than-stellar” children that will result from my un-Mary-ness.

  5. Cassie – I love that blog as well.

    Bo – Your cruelty runs deep…and I’m not singing it anymore. Ha!

  6. Cassie – Bo really likes bats. She can’t get enough of those winged creatures. 🙂

  7. Wow…somewhere along the line I totally lost control of the comments section of this thing. 🙂

    Kristin – I’m glad you let Luke catch you! I have no doubt your children will be stellar and strong and…scrappy (searching for another “s” there and “smart” seemed kind of boring).

    Katie – You’re out of the song and the NEW song is “Happpppppppy Biiiiirrrrthdaaaaaaay!” Yay! My Outlook rejoiced the day you were born.

    Cassie: Ignore Katie…she’s delirious from the server being down at work.

  8. ha ha ha!!!
    i love this little conversation!

    Kristen- can i please actually meet you sometime… other than the fact that i read your blog and have passed you in the halls a million times, we have never actually met, and i would enjoy actually being able to say hello when you come into Red Robin with your mom!

    Bo- thanks for reassuring me that i can slap him and ask, “what took so long?” =) I’m glad you like Amanda’s blog.. she’s super great and her “voice” is just as sweet in real life!!!

    Katie- glad you liked the blog… I asked Evelyn(little girl) to let me know if she finds a plethora of godly guys… and i will be sure to pass on the news if they appear to be heading to Bend in search of amazing godly wives!

  9. Wow Bo.

    I just returned from Africa (a wonderfully heart-wrenching time and the best momma-daughter time with Christi I’ve had in a long while). At the moment I’m checking emails and blogs and such. This particular entry is fabulous!!!

    Oh, may I be a Mary-kind-of-mom . . . embracing (as you say) God’s entirety for my life and for the lives of each of our kids. And yes, I hope all of ours have many, many kiddos too.

    Blessings to you, my dear friend!

  10. Welcome back, Ann! You are, indeed, that kind of mom. 🙂