• Sunshine streaming through my office window.
  • Finding the cute little dress I forgot I bought in March when I really truly believed that summer was “just around the corner.”
  • Putting away the back packs on the last day of school.
  • Skipping the weekly Trader Joe’s bouquet and clipping the hot pink rhododendrons from my yard instead.
  • Key Lime Cupcakes
  • This wonderful web site.
  • Summer weddings.
  • Dinner on the deck.
  • The clever lady on the corner with the cardboard sign that read “Ferrari Needs a Tune-up”.
  • Sleeping in on Friday because no one needs a ride to school.
  • S’mores at the fire pit on a summer night.
  • Seasons.

Happy Summer,



  1. Happiness is:
    Reading your blog…

  2. Pretty sure I’m taking these to a Sunday picnic we’ve been invited to — though it’s not for 4th of July…I’m going for it anyway, and I WILL find r/w/b liners! Or overheat trying. 🙂