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A Screamin' Deal and yet another Thank You

Here’s something:

Radical:  Reclaiming your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt.  This book is taking Christendom by storm right now!   People kept telling me about it, so one day I decided that I wanted it RIGHT THIS MINUTE and asked my lovely assistant, Stephenie, to pick it up for me.    I’m only a few chapters in (because wanting a book right this minute and reading it right this minute are two entirely different propositions) but I’m loving it so far.  David Platt challenges the American church to step up and live a life of radical faith. It’s  a message we desperately need and it’s resonating in all the right ways.   Now, back to the lovely assistant part.  Steph went to our local Family Christian Store and bought said paperback for $14.99.  You can buy it at the link above for $5.49 and the Kindle edition is just $5.  If you’d like to share your savings with me, we can go buy a latte and laugh about how I paid way too much for a book I haven’t yet had time to finish.

On a personal note, so many emails, messages and calls yesterday after our church showed our lil’ video story and several other churches prayed for Steve during their services.   I wish I could find words to say what this means to me and to my family.  We are humbled, grateful and have never been so glad that we have lived our lives in the House of God.  It truly is a place of healing, hope and joy.

Longing for a Life of Radical Faith,


P.S.  If you missed church at Westside yesterday – perhaps because you were attending your home church in Zimbabwe or you were in a fight with a conquistador and therefore detained, or maybe you were working diligently on a lil’ smokies sculpture for your NFC Championship party – have no fear, you can see the message and our testimony right here.  Please be forewarned, my office was a mess that day but I have since straightened the place up.

January 24, 2011 - 2:22 pm

Teresa Fourtner - Bo,
The Lord continues to use you mightly in my life. From women’s retreat (from Canby Newlife Foursquare) and your blog and facebook postings. Thank you for being who you are. Real, raw, funny, hilarious, serious, warrior,passionate,twinkie lover, wife, mother, pastor, woman of prayer, writer,and on and on…. I stand with you for the healing of your hubby and for the Lord to fufill your deepest heart’s cry before Him. You make me laugh. You make me cry…but most of all, you make me want to get on my face before Him and find Him in deeper ways. Thank you sister.

January 24, 2011 - 8:38 pm

jane williams - Bo, who you are… is who Jesus uses. And though you are not someone I know personally, nevertheless you are someone who Jesus uses to reach into me, those places known only to Him. Thank you for staying real — through the thick and the thin. And remember this, that as you remain authentic, your authentically touches people like me that cannot handle one more ounce of fake-ianity. I believe that when we embrace our nothingness — not in the cloak of martyrdom, but an honest look of who we are — then we are able to embrace our Everything. And I believe it is in that embrace that Jesus really CAN shine through these earthen vessels. Thanks for shining.