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Road Trip Chronicles: Wy(not?)oming

Over the past two weeks on our Great American Road Trip, I have been an invaluable asset to Team Stern as the copilot and map reader.  Yes, Steve may have been the one to drive the long hours, but I had the arduous task of folding and re-folding that ding dang map infinity  number of times.   I loved looking at the names of the towns that lined the ribbon of road we were traveling and imagining what they might look like before we got there.  Sometimes, I found that those little Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Idaho communities far exceeded my expectations.  Other times, they seemed like movie lots from the scariest movie you ever did see.  (One trick I learned and am willing to pass along to city planners everywhere:  HANGING FLOWER BASKETS – they make even the smallest lil’ towns look happy.)

By far, my biggest surprise was the road between Buffalo, Wyoming (darling city!) and Worland, Wyoming (also very  nice, but I was so tired when we got there that I don’t totally remember it).  That road – which I believe is known as Big Horn Pass – was so brimming with beauty that by the end of the day we were all on visual overload.  Here’s just a bit of what we saw in Wonderful Wyoming:




(On some mountainsides, these purple flowers were so riotous that it turned the whole landscape purple – gorgeous!)



Bottom line:  I am impressed with Wyoming.  I used to have a negative opinion about it – having travelled mostly through the less-colorful areas, but it really is a diverse and dramatic state.  Looking for a fun vacation spot that’s a doable drive from the West coast?  Give Wyoming a go!

Next up:  The most beautiful place in the world and a buffalo getting a police escort.  Don’t miss it!

June 30, 2011 - 2:42 pm

gail - Yes..It is God work of art.. It just takes some time to see the whole state,,It is a Big state.. glad you had an awesome time.. looking forward to your next post….

July 1, 2011 - 6:00 am

Donna - Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, and so glad that your family was able to get away and take this awesome trip of God’s country. I can identify with that “map” thing. My husband now has a GPS, so now the challenge is pushing the right arrows and buttons to pull up the correct map. Now sure which is easier.