BeautBattlefields_cvrTen days and counting til the book is out (yikes!)  Today, I’m going to point you in the direction of the first chapter.  I just took a look at it for the first time in awhile, and sometimes?  It’s hard to remember that this really is my story.  I’m still not entirely used to my name being so inextricably hooked up to the letters ALS and the words battle and Goliath.


Interesting side story:  I got a note from my editor as I was working on revisions that said, “Not sure you noticed – but you use the word ‘desperate’ and ‘desperately’ a lot.”


Yes.  This is the story of our most desperate days and our most beautiful God.  It’s the story of redemption and hope and heartache and all that can grow in us as we learn to suffer well.  I’m guessing you are familiar with the idea of desperation as well, because life?  Is not very trustworthy.  But God is.  Always and forever.  And He wins every fight, every time.


You can read that first, desperate chapter here.


I hope you love it.




  1. Hi Bo. I have been following your blog since Christmas. My dear husband Darrell was diagnosed with ALS in November. I just had to write a comment tonight after reading the first chapter of Beautiful Battlefields. I have been waiting for the release of the book. What a blessing for me to have found your site and I join you in prayer for Steve’s healing and ask that you add Darrell to yours also. We love The Lord with all of our hearts and we have also seen Him show up in big and small (always awesome) ways during our journey and we can totally relate in that some of the hardest things in life can bring the richest blessings. As Darrell and I seek The Lords wisdom, strength and peace, our hearts grow bigger for Him daily. I could go on forever but will wrap up in saying thank you for writing this book and your blog, you are a blessing and please know you have a sister in Christ in North Carolina praying for you and I will continue to read your blog to know how best to pray for your family need. Lastly, if you ever have time and want to reach out I would enjoy talking further. Love in Christ. Denya Haymore

    • Aw, Denya – what a gift to hear from you today. We have to stand together! I will shoot you an email and also would love to connect you to some other awesome ALS wives who have been a huge encouragement to me along the way. Praying for you and Darrell right this minute.

  2. Read this first chapter and had a crying time just getting through the “thank you’s”! This has truly touched our whole family and we stand together in this battle. I know the book will help many, many people. I too can say “To God be the glory” for the life of my brother Steve and his partner Bo. I am spreading the news about your book wherever I go!!!

    • I love you, Susan. Thanks for your unwavering support and love. God knew what He was doing when He brought us all together to make a big army for the beautiful battles we would face. Now I’m crying just getting through this comment. 🙂 (It’s gonna be a long coupla weeks.)